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3 Ways To Replace Servo Motor Cables Without The Manufacturer

Posted by David Bousfield on Jul 18, 2018 3:14:43 PM

A missing or damaged servo motor power or feedback cable can create significant downtime and hurt your company’s bottom line. A single servo motor cable, that is unavailable prior to a required ship date, can have a major impact on a customer relationship, or result in a late shipment penalty fee.

Manufacturers and suppliers of servo motor-based Motion Control Automation, work hard to keep the right servo motor cables on hand. As effective as these manufacturers have been at making on-time deliveries or responding to your emergencies, sometimes you have an urgent need for servo motor cables where "available yesterday" is not fast enough.

Here are three ways to replace OEM servo motor cables without the manufacturer when the need arises.

3 Ways To Replace Servo Motor Cables Fast

Build Your Own Servo Motor Cables

It is possible to produce and replace servo motor cables in-house with the right components and tools. If you decide to build servo motor cables in-house, the following:

  • Sustainability of components you plan to use
  • Are the proper tools available?
  • Experience level of the assembler 

should be taken into consideration. 


Quality Components

When you replace servo motor cables in-house, be sure to use components produced by reputable manufacturers, and keep these items on hand to replace or repair servo motor cables quickly.


Servo motor cables are designed to meet the stringent electrical and mechanical demands of motion applications in servo motion control systems. It is important to meet all electrical requirements when replacing servo motor cables. It is also important to consider the application environment the servo motor cable will be used in. Producing servo motor cables with connectors that do not match the receptacles on the motor, could result in poor signal and power transmissions or inferior servo cable shield grounding.


The Right Tools

Another key to quality servo motor cables connections is the proper installation of pin and socket contacts. Crimp contacts must be made using the proper crimp tools. Crimp tools should be regularly calibrated and used only by  assemblers experienced with producing quality crimps.

Order Online

The World Wide Web has had a profound impact on the way we do business. More than ever before, we have the ability to obtain critical information and turn this information into a purchase transaction quickly and efficiently. This also applies to the world of servo motion control automation.

Internet-based businesses have become a common alternative  to traditional brick-and-mortar servo cable suppliers. You now have many online options to replace servo motor cables and components quickly, though this array of options can make it difficult to choose the right one.

Online stores specializing in automation products, such as Automation Direct, EZ Automation or Radwell International, can supply components or finished cables without the long lead times of manufacturers. Other, less specialized companies like Amazon, Walmart and eBay, have entered into the world of industrial automation as well, and can offer components or cables for some of the more common motion control systems.   

While these entities offer the potential to be a source for desperately needed servo motor cables, the following considerations should be made:

  • Will knowledgeable and experienced technical support personnel be available to consult with to identify your needs?

  • Will the purchased servo motor cable come with a warranty?

  • Will specific length variations be readily available?

  • Will quality components be available in addition to completed cable assemblies?

  • Will the supplier be able to accommodate specific modifications to standard designs to fit your application?

Third Party Servo Motor Cable Producers

The proliferation of electrical and electronic equipment in personal, commercial and industrial products has created a space for many cable assembly and wire harness producers. Whether you are choosing a third-party supplier to replace one servo cable quickly, or you are looking for a reliable long-term partner, it is important to choose the right one. 

Consider the following when looking to replace servo motor cables with a third party supplier;  

  • Quality: Does the cable assembly company have a quality system, like ISO 9001? Are the assembly operators up to date on best manufacturing practices, such as IPC-620?

  • Support: Are technical support personnel experienced and knowledgeable of servo motor cable design and applications? Does the manufacturer have an equipment calibration plan? Does the supplier have the ability to thoroughly test their cable assemblies?  Do they produce a wide range of cables or are they specialized in the types of assemblies you are attempting to source?

  • Delivery: When the need to replace servo motor cables is urgent, responsiveness is essential. Does the supplier understand the impact of production downtime or potential late shipments? Does the supplier have an adequate stock of components to replace servo motor cables and connectors reliably?

When the need for servo motor cables is urgent you now know there are alternatives to waiting for OEM produced assemblies. Careful consideration should occur when selecting one of these options. By discussing your needs and requirements with a prospective supplier, it will not take long to determine if you have a supplier with the "right stuff".  

How do you source servo motor cable assemblies? Download the Guide

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