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Turck ARGEE Technology Turns I/O Devices Into Field Logic Controllers Without a PLC

Posted by Electro-Matic on Oct 14, 2016 11:02:00 AM

Turk AGREE Technology.jpegTurck ARGEE Technology turns I/O devices into field logic controllers without a PLC. This helps to solve many challenges OEM’s, Engineers and Integrators have struggled with when balancing their I/O needs with the cost of PLCs. This technology is accessible via an HTML5-compatible web browser, eliminating the need for third party software or licensing. With FLC’s empowered by the ARGEE technology, the user can set action statements that can be carried out by the I/O device.

Specific features of Turck ARGEE include: 

  • Toggling bits, utilization of timers and counters, performing arithmetic functions, monitoring of program status via the built-in HMI capabilities and communicating with an upper level PLC

  • HTML5-based programming, which makes the environment accessible on any device via capable web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox

  • Integration with digital, analog, IO-Link, RFID, and specialty I/O types 

This leading edge technology creates device-level control to replace PLCs in simple logic applications. 

To learn more about the ARGEE technology or any other TURCK Product Offerings, contact Electro-Matic’s Product Specialist, Nathan Trombley

Download Turck’s Official Press Release

Download Turck’s Brochure on Field Logic Controllers

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